Getting Caught Up!

Hello Brothers and Sisters! Happy 4th of July! I pray that you spend time with family and friends and enjoy both the freedom that has been won for us in Christ Jesus, and also the freedoms that are protected by this great nation. If you can do so, take the time to thank a veteran for safeguarding our freedom.

As the title clearly indicates, I am finally getting caught up on publishing June sermons given at The Bridge Covenant Church, in Riverbank! My internet at home is painfully slow, and it takes days (quite literally) to upload a sermon from my iPad, to my Dropbox, and then to YouTube. By God’s grace, however (and the virtue of patience), two Sunday sermons are now complete and the links are below! The first is “Trinity Sunday,” and the second is “A Child of God.” I hope you enjoy watching them, are edified by them, and are willing to both comment and share your thoughts or how the Spirit inspired and moved you by what you heard.

Stephen Valgos Catholic Evangelist

June 11 Sermon – Trinity Sunday

June 25 Sermon – A Child of God

By catholicevangelist

One comment on “Getting Caught Up!

  1. Hello Steve, This Judy Ibarra from Modesto. I lost track of you and your family when you moved and I asked where you were but no one would tell me. I finally asked Vangie from St.Stanislaus Church. She told me to Google it, so I did and found your web site and I am so excited. I am taking a bible class on Daniel which is very interesting and I am enjoying it. Anyway I will try to follow your teaching as much as I can. Below is my email so I hope I hear from you soon. If you are ever in Modesto please let me know. I would like to see you, Jill, and your children. I am sure they have grown since I last saw them. It’s been awhile. God Bless You and keep in touch when you can. Give my best to Jill.

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